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Tacky Homunculus

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The spider you see is composed of stone connected by silk joints. It crawls on the wall with a alchemist fire in its front legs, then glues it to the ceiling.

Tacky Homunculi are creatures created by the spell Ell's Handy Homunculus. They are good for setting traps, or making room in the house by attaching small items to the walls where they would otherwise clutter the floor.

Tackys have a +8 racial bonus to Climb checks.

While generally constructs are neutral, a homunculi picks up the alignment of its creator on casting.


Handy homunculi make poor weapons. A tacky is best when undiscovered, quietly laying traps which will come loose at any moment. Having a supply of small alchemistal items on hand is useful. However, it's not very bright, and so much have constant direction.

Sticky (Ex): A tacky may release a minor adhesive every 1d4 rounds, that can adhere light objects in the same manner of the Stick cantrip (from Spell Compendium).


The body is made of stone and fabrics, with the core crystal often embedded in the main body. A drop of the caster's blood is dripped into its interior, which produces its glue creating organs on casting Ell's Handy Homunculus. The entire cost of supplies equals 500 gp.

Assembling the body requires a DC 15 Craft (weaving) or Craft (stonework) check.

CL 1st; Ell's Handy Homunculus, Stick; Never sold; Cost 500 gp + 25 XP.

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