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Summoning Mastery [Spellcasting]

{{#set:Prerequisite=None}} Benefits: This is a spellcasting feat that scales with the highest-level spell slot you have.

  • 0: Add the summon monster spell series to your spells known. If you normally prepare spells, you can decide to lose a spell you already have prepared in order to cast one of these spells or any other spells given by this feat. The exchanged spell must be of equal or greater level to the spell being cast.
  • 1: You can cast a summon spell that would normally take one full round as a standard action.
  • 4: Add the magic circle, planar binding, and planar ally spell series to your spells known. You don't have to pay when using planar ally, but only when calling a creature with a CR up to your level minus two.
  • 6: When you summon or call a monster, you can immediately cast one spell that targets that monster and would be beneficial for that monster as a bonus action. This spell must have a duration longer than one round, and doing this does not expend a spell slot.
  • 9: Add gate to your spells known. You can use this spell without paying its XP cost, but only when calling a creature with a CR up to your level minus two. You cannot call named creatures using this ability.{{#set:Type=Spellcasting}}

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