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Balance: Wizard

Specific Spell Specialty {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::You can use one particular ability more than normal. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: An ability with some sort of limitation on how frequently you can use it.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Choose some specific spell, power, spell-like ability, psi-like ability, or supernatural ability that has a limitation on how frequently it can be used. It costs half as much strain, half as many words, and half as many power points to use. It occupies a spell slot one level lower than normal. If it has a limited number of uses per day or per other interval of time, double that number of uses.Example: A Wordmaster could gain Specific Spell Specialty for a particular spell, such as "Long Wyd Bang Decapyr". In that situation, "Long Wyd Bang Decapyr" would only cost the Wordmaster 6 words to cast instead of 13. Other attributes of "Long Wyd Bang Decapyr" would be unaffected.Special: You may choose this feat multiple times, choosing a new spell, power, spell-like ability, psi-like ability, or supernatural ability each time.

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