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Sam Kay (talk)
Date Created: 25th March 2010
Status: Complete
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Songbird FamiliarsEdit

While almost all living birds give calls of some sort, well-developed songs are only given by a few lineages outside the songbirds.

Songweavers value the musical potential of these birds, and value them highly.
Prerequisites Songweaver
Speed 2, fly 6 (hover)
Constant Benefits
♦ You gain a +2 bonus to heal checks.
♦ When you grant healing to an ally, they gain an additional 2 hit points.
Level 11: 3 additional hit points.
Level 21: 4 additional hit points.
Active Benefits
Bird's Song: Once per encounter, you can use your songbird's space as the origin square for a close burst songweaver power.
Possible Quirks
♦ Sings to attract attention.

♦ Is colorful, and enjoys showing off its plumage.

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