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High above the clouds at the mountains top, deep within the jagged earth, slumbers soundly for passing ages, the dragon, the elder king of stone and sleep.
—Borchak Loggerdorn, amateur poet and traveling salesman, Milkneet town square as he peddled his maps to the dragon's cave.

Summary::A slothful creature could be lazy, apathetic, atrophied, starved, or otherwise unable to muster energy as it should.

Creating a Sloth

Sloth is an acquired template and can be applied to any creature.


The sloth's base movement speeds drop by 10 feet, to a minimum of 5 feet.

Special Qualities

Pathetic Initiative (Ex): A sloth gains a −10 penalty to Initiative.

Flat Feet (Ex): A sloth never gains his Dexterity bonus (if any) to his Armor Class

Lousy Reflexes (Ex): A sloth takes a −4 penalty on Reflex saves.

Longevity (Ex): A sloth ages at half his normal rate.


−2 Strength, −4 Dexterity, −2 Constitution: A sloth is slower and weaker than other members of its kind.

Challenge Rating


Level Adjustment

Level Adjustment::−2.

Notes on Applying Negative LA

Level Adjustment is tricky, and a vast majority of the time, it just doesn't function as intended. So, to make things worse, here is a concept of reducing LA. This can easily cause game balance problems, as it allows powerful abilities from other sources at lower ECLs. To minimize this effect, here are some notes.

  • It reduces LA. If a character/creature does not have LA, it does not reduce its ECL.
  • Use it to reduce up to half of the base LA of a character/creature. That is, apply this template to characters/creatures of LA 4 or more.

That should avoid some of the pitfalls associated with game balance, however, not all of them. If complications arise from the use of this template, consult with your DM and make changes as necessary to work in your game.

Report omissions and problems with this template on the talk page.

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