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Sleep of Ages [{{#arraymap: General|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your mastery of ancient mummification techniques has revealed a secret technique for sleeping away the ages. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Character Level 8, you must remove all of your internal organs and place them within canoptic jars during a magic ritual|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: By arranging focuses worth 1,000 GP in a ritual manner and wrapping yourself in the funeral arrangements of a mummy, you can initiate the Sleep of the Ages. Until your focuses are disturbed, you will stay in suspended animation. In this state, you do not age, breath, need to eat, or are subject to any effect requiring a Fort Save. As a side effect of learning this technique, you remove all of your internal organs and place them within canoptic jars during a magical ritual. This process does not harm you, and from this point onward you are no longer subject to critical hits or sneak attacks. Having your organs in canoptic jars has no other game effect, but if they are destroyed you no longer gain the effects of this feat (your organs magically return to your body and you must remove them again to regain the use of this feat.)

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