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Date Created: 2008/06/27
Status: Playable
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Sexist Edit

Summary::Your character has something against the opposite sex and believes that the character's sex is the superior sex.

Benefit: Your character gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls against members of the opposite sex. He must be aware that they are the opposite sex for him to gain the bonus.

Drawback: Your character takes a -1 Penalty on attack rolls against members of the same sex. He must be aware that they are the same sex for him to take the penalty.

Special: This trait only works against humanoid looking creatures, such as mortals, and outsiders with a humanoid form. It does not work on monsters (a man doesn't get a bonus against a female centipede).

Roleplaying Ideas: Your character is constantly making remarks about the opposite sex. He might not necessarily be hostile, but he definitely has an apparent dislike towards the opposite sex.

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