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When a Psion specializes in a single discipline, it says that said psion cannot learn powers from restricted disciplines. Are all the other disciplines restricted, or is it like wizards who specialize in one school, then decide to never gain spells in two other schools?

Not restricted disciplines, restricted discipline lists. The Psion has seven power lists, one general power list that has powers from all the disciplines that all psions can get, and one power list for each of the six disciplines. A psion with a given primary discipline can pick powers from the general psion list and the restricted discipline list for their discipline.
For instance, a Shaper (Metacreativity specialist psion) can learn Grease (a Metacreativity power on the general list) Inertial Armor (a Psychokinesis power on the general list), and Astral Construct (a Metacreativity power on the restricted list), but not Control Object, because that's a restricted Kineticist power. A Kineticist could learn Psionic Grease, Inertial Armor, and Control Object, but not Astral Construct. Neither of them could learn Charm, because that's on the restricted Telepath list (a telepath could, though).
There's another difference between psions and wizards here where wizards can choose to specialize or not. All psions have a primary discipline; there is no generalist psion. --IGTN 18:12, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

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