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Warlord’s BreastplateEdit

This +6 mithral breastplate has an armor check penalty of –1, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +5, and an arcane spell failure chance of 15%. It is considered light armor and weighs 15 pounds. It grants the wearer a +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma and allows the wearer to attract and lead a number of followers as if he or she had the Leadership feat (though this power doesn’t allow the wearer to attract a cohort). If the wearer already has the Leadership feat, this armor has no cumulative effect on his or her followers.

Caster Level: 21st; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, charm monster, sympathy; Market Price: 416,200 gp; Cost to Create: 210,200 gp + 14,120 XP.

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