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| range=300 ft.
| range=300 ft.
| tsea=t
| tsea=t
| subj=One creature of object
| subj=One creature or object
| save=none
| save=none
| sr=No
| sr=No

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Superb Dispelling
{{#arraymap: Abjuration|, |x|{{#set:School=x}}x}}
Spellcraft DC: Spellcraft DC::59
Components: V, S
Range: 300 ft.
Target: One creature or object
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: none
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 531,000 gp; 11 days; 21,240 XP. Seed: dispel (DC 19). Factors: additional +30 to dispel check (+30 DC), 1-action casting time (+20 DC). Mitigating factor: 10d6 backlash (–10 DC).

As greater dispel magic, except that the maximum bonus on the dispel check is +40, and the character takes 10d6 points of backlash damage.

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