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{{SRD Footer}} → [[SRD:Ability Scores|Ability Scores]]
{{SRD Footer}} → [[SRD:Ability Scores|Ability Scores]]

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Strength (Str)Edit

Strength measures your character’s muscle and physical power. This ability is especially important for Fighters, barbarians, paladins, rangers, and monks because it helps them prevail in combat. Strength also limits the amount of equipment your character can carry.

You apply your character’s Strength modifier to:

Any creature that can physically manipulate other objects has at least 1 point of Strength. A creature with no Strength score can’t exert force, usually because it has no physical body or because it doesn’t move. The creature automatically fails Strength checks. If the creature can attack, it applies its Dexterity modifier to its base attack bonus instead of a Strength modifier.

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