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Specific Epic WeaponsEdit

d% Specific Weapon Market Price
01–18 Stormbrand 235,350 gp
19–33 Quarterstaff of alacrity 462,600 gp
34–48 Souldrinker 478,335 gp
49–60 Backstabber 770,310 gp
61–68 Mace of ruin 1,000,312 gp
69–72 Gripsoul 1,856,500 gp
73–78 Elven greatbow 2,900,400 gp
79–64 Finaldeath 3,580,308 gp
85–90 Chaosbringer 4,025,350 gp
91–94 Holy devastator 4,620,315 gp
95–98 Unholy despoiler 4,620,315 gp
99–100 Everwhirling chain 5,220,325 gp

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