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(Speak Language (None; Trained Only))
(Speak Language (None; Trained Only))
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| Ignan || [[SRD:Fire Subtype|Fire-based creatures]] || Draconic
| Ignan || [[SRD:Fire Subtype|Fire-based creatures]] || Draconic
| Illumian || [[SRD:Illumians|Illumians]] ||
| Infernal || [[SRD:Devil|Devils]], [[SRD:Lawful Evil Creature|lawful evil]] [[SRD:Outsider Type|outsiders]] || Infernal
| Infernal || [[SRD:Devil|Devils]], [[SRD:Lawful Evil Creature|lawful evil]] [[SRD:Outsider Type|outsiders]] || Infernal

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Speak Language (None; Trained Only)Edit

Common Languages and Their Alphabets
Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Abyssal Demons, chaotic evil outsiders Infernal
Aquan Water-based creatures Elven
Auran Air-based creatures Draconic
Celestial Good outsiders Celestial
Common Humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs Common
Draconic Kobolds, troglodytes, lizardfolk, dragons Draconic
Druidic Druids (only) Druidic
Dwarven Dwarves Dwarven
Elven Elves Elven
Giant Ogres, giants Dwarven
Gnome Gnomes Dwarven
Goblin Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears Dwarven
Gnoll Gnolls Common
Halfling Halflings Common
Ignan Fire-based creatures Draconic
Infernal Devils, lawful evil outsiders Infernal
Orc Orcs Dwarven
Sylvan Dryads, brownies, leprechauns Elven
Terran Xorns and other earth-based creatures Dwarven
Undercommon Drow Elven

Not applicable.

Try AgainEdit

Not applicable. There are no Speak Language checks to fail.

The Speak Language skill doesn’t work like other skills. Languages work as follows.

  • You start at 1st level knowing one or two languages (based on your race), plus an additional number of languages equal to your starting Intelligence bonus.
  • You can purchase Speak Language just like any other skill, but instead of buying a rank in it, you choose a new language that you can speak.
  • You don’t make Speak Language checks. You either know a language or you don’t.
  • A literate character (anyone but a barbarian who has not spent skill points to become literate) can read and write any language she speaks. Each language has an alphabet, though sometimes several spoken languages share a single alphabet.

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