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Restless DeathEdit

The holder of this rod can rebuke or control undead as if he or she were four levels higher. (The rod doesn’t grant the ability to rebuke or control undead if the holder doesn’t already have it.) In addition, the wielder may speak a command word to cast animate dead. Any skeletons or zombies animated by the rod’s power are automatically controlled by the rod, up to the rod’s maximum limit of 42 HD, and they follow the orders of the rod’s wielder. These undead don’t count toward the wielder’s limit of controlled undead. Finally, the wielder can speak a second command word to cast slay living (heightened to 10th level; DC 25).

Caster Level: 21st; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, Craft Epic Rod, animate dead, control undead, slay living; Market Price: 625,000 gp.

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