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Epic RulershipEdit

This rod appears to be a royal scepter worth at least 25,000 gp in materials and workmanship alone. The wielder can command the obedience and fealty of creatures within 360 feet when he or she activates the device (a standard action). Creatures totaling 900 Hit Dice can be ruled, but creatures with Intelligence scores of 17 or higher are entitled to a Will saving throw (DC 29) to negate the effect. Ruled creatures obey the wielder as if he or she were their absolute sovereign. Still, if the wielder gives a command that is contrary to the nature of the creatures commanded, the magic is broken. The rod can be used for 1,500 total minutes before crumbling to dust. This duration need not be continuous.

Caster Level: 25th; Prerequisites: SRD:Craft Rod, SRD:Craft Epic Rod, SRD:Improved Heighten Spell, improved heightened mass charm monster; Market Price: 575,000 gp; Cost to Create: 300,000 gp + 15,500 XP.

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