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Random Psionic ItemsEdit

Table: Random Psionic Item GenerationEdit

Minor Medium Major Item
01–02 01–05 01–05 Armor, possibly with special ability
03–04 06–10 06–10 Shield, possibly with special ability
05–06 11–15 11–15 Melee weapon, possibly with special ability
08–09 16–20 16–20 Ranged weapon, possibly with special ability
10–40 21–40 21–35 Cognizance crystal
41–46 41–50 36–45 Dorje
47–81 51–68 46–67 Power stone
82–87 69–82 68–75 Psicrown
88–93 83–89 76–87 Psionic tattoo
94–100 Minor universal item
90–100 Medium universal item
88–100 Major universal item

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