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Food, Drink, and LodgingEdit


Poor accommodations at an inn amount to a place on the floor near the hearth.
Common accommodations consist of a place on a raised, heated floor, the use of a blanket and a pillow.
Good accommodations consist of a small, private room with one bed, some amenities, and a covered chamber pot in the corner.


Poor meals might be composed of bread, baked turnips, onions, and water.
Common meals might consist of bread, chicken stew, carrots, and watered-down ale or wine.
Good meals might be composed of bread and pastries, beef, peas, and ale or wine.

Table: Food, Drink, and LodgingEdit

Item Cost Weight
- Gallon 2 sp 8 lb.
- Mug 4 cp 1 lb.
Banquet (per person) 10 gp
Bread, per loaf 2 cp 1/2 lb.
Cheese, hunk of 1 sp 1/2 lb.
Inn stay (per day)
- Good 2 gp
- Common 5 sp
- Poor 2 sp
Meals (per day)
- Good 5 sp
- Common 3 sp
- Poor 1 sp
Meat, chunk of 3 sp 1/2 lb.
- Common (pitcher) 2 sp 6 lb.
- Fine (bottle) 10 gp 1-1/2 lb.
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