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Cup and Talisman of the Demigod: The Cup is a large gem-set golden chalice requiring two hands to lift. It emits light (as the daylight spell) at all times and automatically dispels any darkness-based spells whose area it enters. If the cup is filled with holy water (requiring a full gallon), that substance will act as a potion of cure critical wounds or a potion of neutralize poison (owner’s choice) if drunk. This liquid can’t be saved or stored in any way. The Talisman is a small eight-pointed platinum star hanging from a chain of gold and pearls. The wearer gains a +6 enhancement bonus to Charisma and may cast remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, and remove disease at will. Furthermore, if the Talisman is placed within the Cup and the Cup filled with holy water, that liquid acts as a special elixir of resurrection (as the spell). This effect will function only once per month. Any evil or chaotic creature that touches the Cup or Talisman is struck with a holy word (if evil) or dictum (if chaotic) spell (or both if the creature is chaotic evil).

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