CR 1/10Edit

Bat, Toad

CR 1/8Edit

Tiny Monstrous Centipede, Rat

CR 1/6Edit

Donkey, Lizard, Monkey, Raven

CR 1/4Edit

Cat, Small Monstrous Centipede, SRD: Tiny Monstrous Scorpion, Tiny Monstrous Spider, Owl, Pony, Weasel

CR 1/3Edit

SRD:Dog, SRD:Giant Fire Beetle, SRD:Hawk, SRD:Human Warrior Skeleton, SRD:Tiny Viper

CR 1/2Edit

SRD:Tiny Animated Object, Baboon, SRD:Badger, SRD:Dire Rat, SRD:Dwarf (other than duergar), SRD:Eagle, SRD:Elf (other than drow), SRD:Formian Worker, SRD:Gnome (other than svirfneblin), SRD:Goblin, SRD:Halfling, SRD:Hobgoblin, SRD:Kobold, SRD:Locathah, SRD:Merfolk, SRD:Medium Monstrous Centipede, SRD:Small Monstrous Scorpion, SRD:Small Monstrous Spider, SRD:Orc, SRD:Half-Orc

CR 1Edit

SRD:Small Animated Object, SRD:Camel, SRD:Darkmantle, SRD:Riding Dog, SRD:Dwarf (Duergar), SRD:Elemental (any small), SRD:Elf (Drow), SRD:Ghoul, SRD:Giant Ant Worker, SRD:Giant Bee, SRD:Githyanki, SRD:Githzeral, SRD:Gnoll, SRD:Gnome (Svirfneblin), SRD:Grig (Sprite), SRD:Grimlock, SRD:Homunculus, SRD:Heavy Horse, SRD:Light Horse, SRD:Light Warhorse, SRD:Hyena, SRD:Kreshnar, SRD:Lemure, SRD:Lizardfolk, SRD:Manta Ray, SRD:Large Monstrous Centipede, SRD:Medium Monstrous Scorpion, SRD:Medium Monstrous Spider, SRD:Mule, SRD:Nixie (Sprite), SRD:Octopus, SRD:Pseudodragon, SRD:Medium Shark, SRD:Shrieker (Fungus), SRD:Wolf Skeleton, SRD:Snake (medium, Viper), SRD:Spider Swarm, SRD:Squid, SRD:Troglodyte, SRD:Wolf, SRD:Troglodyte Zombie

CR 2Edit

SRD:White Dragon (Wyrmling),

CR 3Edit

SRD:Black Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Brass Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Green Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Blue Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Copper Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Bronze Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:White Dragon (Very young),

CR 4Edit

SRD:Red Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Silver Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Black Dragon (Very young), SRD:Brass Dragon (Very young), SRD:Green Dragon (Very young), SRD:Blue Dragon (Very young), SRD:White Dragon (Young),

CR 5Edit

SRD:Gold Dragon (Wyrmling), SRD:Copper Dragon (Very young), SRD:Bronze Dragon (Very young), SRD:Silver Dragon (Very young), SRD:Red Dragon (Very young), SRD:Black Dragon (Young), SRD:Green Dragon (Young),

CR 6Edit

SRD:Brass Dragon (Young), SRD:Blue Dragon (Young), SRD:White Dragon (Juvenile),

CR 7Edit

SRD:Gold Dragon (Very young), SRD:Copper Dragon (Young), SRD:Bronze Dragon (Young), SRD:Red Dragon (Young), SRD:Silver Dragon (Young), SRD:Black Dragon (Juvenile),

CR 8Edit

SRD:Brass Dragon (Juvenile), SRD:Green Dragon (Juvenile), SRD:Blue Dragon (Juvenile), SRD:White Dragon (Young adult),

CR 9Edit

SRD:Gold Dragon (Young), SRD:Copper Dragon (Juvenile), SRD:Bronze Dragon (Juvenile), SRD:Black Dragon (Young adult),

CR 10Edit

CR 11Edit

CR 12Edit

CR 13Edit

CR 14Edit

CR 15Edit

CR 16Edit

CR 17Edit

CR 18Edit

CR 19Edit

CR 20Edit

CR 21Edit

CR 22Edit

CR 23Edit

CR 24Edit

CR 25Edit

CR 26Edit

SRD:Red Dragon (Great Wyrm), SRD:Silver Dragon (Great Wyrm)

CR 27Edit

SRD:Gold Dragon (Great Wyrm)

CR 28Edit

CR 29Edit

CR 30-39Edit

CR 40-49Edit

CR 50-59Edit

CR 60-69Edit

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