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Chain Power [Metapsionic]Edit

You can manifest powers that arc to hit other targets in addition to the primary target.


To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. You can chain any power that affects a single target and that deals either acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage. After the primary target is struck, the power can arc to a number of secondary targets equal to your manifester level (maximum twenty). The secondary arcs each strike one target and deal half as much damage as the primary one did (round down).

Each target gets to make a saving throw, if one is allowed by the power. You choose secondary targets as you like, but they must all be within 30 feet of the primary target, and no target can be struck more than once. You can choose to affect fewer secondary targets than the maximum (to avoid allies in the area, for example).

Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power by 6. The power’s total cost cannot exceed your manifester level.

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