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Date Created: December 3, 2008
Status: Completed
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Robes of the Metamorph
Price: 3,000 gp
Body Slot: Chest
Caster Level: 1st
Aura: Faint illusion (DC 16)
Activation: Command word
Weight: 2 lb.

Robes of the metamorph were the invention of a sorcerer named Ssin Sahvek, of the high court of Shandura, a technologically primitive society that sought development of a more metaphysical kind, and dabbled strongly in the arcane arts to further its knowledge of magic. Before long, the robes were customarily used by Shanduran spies and agents.

These light and smoothly flowing robes are a silvery blue-gray color and strewn with various, elegant patterning. They always seem to be perfectly tailored to the body shape of the person wearing them. The robes bestow a +2 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks. These robes may be used in conjunction with the Disguise skill, for a +10 competence bonus on the check. However for a character with sorcerer levels the robes have a further function.

At the command of a wearer with at least one level in the sorcerer class, robes of the metamorph allow him to take on a disguise of his choice, the robes themselves seemingly extending over the body and emulating the desired form. This disguise does not only alter appearance, but also extends to clothing, armor or weapons that the user is wearing, and equipment that he has on his person. At any rate, the chosen disguise must be one that is within limits of a disguise self spell. Robes of the metamorph may be used - and their effects dismissed - at will as a full-round action. Using this ability of the robes requires the wearer to expend one of his sorcerer spell slots for the day. Any onlooker is allowed a Will save to recognize the disguise as an illusion, with a save DC equal to that of a spell of a level equal to that of the expended spell slot, cast as by the wearer.

Prereqs: Craft Wondrous Item, disguise self, CL 1st.
Cost to Create: 3,000 gp (1,500 gp + 120 XP).

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