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Date Created: February 22, 2010
Status: Complete
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Reverse PolarityEdit

Summary::Your cure spells harm, your inflict spells cure.

Class: Class::Bard, Class::Druid, and other cure or inflict only classes.

Level: 1st

Replaces: Your positive energy healing spells or your negative energy inflicting spells.

Benefit: If you have a class which gains either positive energy curing (such as Cure Light Wounds or Heal) but not their negative energy counterparts (such as Inflict Light Wounds or Harm), your polarity is switched. You lose your cure spells off your class spell list and you gain the appropriate reversed inflict spells at the equivallent levels. Vice versa, if you have inflict spells, they are converted into the appropriate healing spells.

This effect has no benefit for classes with both (such as cleric) as the swap does nothing.

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