Through Feats Edit

After much dumpster diving to see what other attempts have been made toward this (Racial Emulation [Racial, Changeling] (RoE), and Elven Blood: Mercy Elf [Bloodgift, Elf] (Feats, published by AEG) were most helpful), here is what I have come up with:

1)Mixed Blood

req: Level 1 only (char creation)
You can ignore the racial reqs of Classes and Prestige Classes. You do not gain access to any class abilities that presume a physical/Ex/Su trait you lack.

2)Imp Mixed Blood

req: Mixed Blood
You can ignore the racial reqs of any Feat. You cannot make use of the feat if you lack a physical/Ex/Su trait that the feat logically depends upon.

3)Sup Mixed Blood

req: Imp Mixed Blood
You are considered any race or combination of races you choose for the purpose of activating/triggering Magic. Your choices apply to ALL magic items, triggering ANY and ALL GOOD and BAD effects (meaning you cannot be considered troll for one effect and a non-troll for another; you are either a troll for both or neither). This applies to spells, magic items, etc.

4)Mixed Blood Mastery

req: Sup Mixed Blood
Your racial emulation has gotten so profound that it affects your very essence. You are considered any race or combination of races you choose, even by divinities. This also applies to reincarnation/etc (based on the active choices at moment of death). Sup Mixed Blood and Mixed Blood Mastery share the same list of currently emulated races.

Critiques welcome. Balance/flavor/text/etc.

Should I make each feat a stand-alone, instead of being part of a feat-chain?

Should #1 be split into two? One for Classes, and one for Prestige Classes? I don't recall any base classes that have racial reqs.

The idea is that feats 1 and 2 are automatic and don't affect anything else. Feats 3 and 4 require intent by the character to qualify as a specific race(s) - with both sharing the same current list. If this is not clear, is there a better way to word this?

Should I make these Changeling/Doppelganger only?

Is there a better set of names for these? A better theme?

Through +CR/LA Edit

Instead of through Feats, perhaps an LA +1 would work?

A single dead level, applying to both sides of a Gestalt, is one option.

Is this reasonable? What if one considers LA-buyoff rules.

Through XP penalty Edit

A kind of permanent LA that can't be bought off.

-10% less XP from all encounters?

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