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Rebuker’s Rod

{{#set:Summary=Allows a necromancer to rebuke undead as a cleric, and doubles the number of undead that can be animated per casting of animate dead.}}

When evil necromancers fight each other, they discover that commanding enemy undead proves to be more of a challenge than they ever could have imagined. Given the maximum amount of undead a necromancer can control, it is a good idea to pick and choose which ones one wants. So as not to leave the rest of an attacking force breach his defenses, a necromancer uses this rod to rebuke those he cannot command.

The rebuker’s rod enables a necromancer to rebuke undead as though he were a neutral cleric of equivalent level. The owner may use this power a number of times per day equal to his Charisma bonus. If the wielder is a cleric or has levels in any other class that grants the ability to turn/rebuke undead, the wielder adds his necromancer level to his effective turn/rebuke undead level but does not gain additional turn/rebuke attempts per day. Finally, the rod doubles the number of undead that the wielder can animate with a single casting of the animate dead spell, though the caster is still limited to controlling 2 HD per caster level at any one time.

Strong necromancy; CL 13th; Craft Rod, animate dead, control undead; Price Cost::75,000 gp.

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