Table: Random Race and Class Generator
# Race Class
1 Human Barbarian
2 Elf Bard
3 Dwarf Cleric
4 Halfling Druid
5 Gnome Duskblade
6 Half-Elf Favored Soul
7 Half-Orc Fighter
8 Orc Knight
9 Kobold Monk
10 Goblin Ninja
11 Spellscale Paladin
12 Dragonborn Psion
13 Raptorian Scout
14 Xeph Sorcerer
15 Elan Soulknife
16 Half-Giant Swordsage
17 Goliath Rogue
18 Synad Warlock
19 Dromite Wizard
20 Warforged Artificer
Table: Random Homebrew Race and Class Generator
# Race Rogue-Level Class Wizard-Level Class
1 Aasimar Abstruse Cardshark Andellion Warrior
2 Adventure Dragon Acid Mage Dhazriel Assassin
3 Ambiko Agent Tome Barbarian
4 Apex Arcane Monk Tome Battlecaster
5 Agiishell Appilon Tome Assassin Battlemage
6 Ortshell Appilon Variant Autoplate Pilot Bender of Time
7 Aroghin Bender of Air Biomancer
8 Bangaa Bender of Earth Bishop
9 Candothist Bender of Fire Black Mage
10 Cardomor Bender of Water Choco-Mage
11 Coloth Bloodcloud Assailant Conduit of the Lower Planes
12 Consu Bloodcloud Mage Cultist
13 Darkkin Bounty Hunter Divine Soul
14 Drow Cas' Commando Elemental Brute
15 Dryad Chameleon Elemental Weird
16 Durzite City Location Mage Fiendish Brute
17 Eijilund Plushy Commander Tome Fighter
18 Einherjar Dancer Gate Knight
19 Elnade Death Hunter Genie
20 Frost Elves Defender Geopsyche
21 Escarian Demonsouled High Priest
22 Esquirel Deviant Hivemaster
23 Faun Dragonblooded Illuminamancer
24 Feytouched Dreg Knight Kantian Paladin
25 G'Koatone Electric Mage Kido Shinigami
26 Gear Actua Elemental Blade Magician
27 Geode Fire Mage Tome Monk
28 Gorgoneion Gravity Warrior Monster Tamer
29 Giga Grey Guardian Mystic Cardshark
30 Spotted Gnoll Grim Ninja
31 Gokiburi Gunslinger Tome Paladin
32 Gokiburi Halberdier Pseudonaught
33 Half-Dead Hashshashin Psychic
34 Hekatonped Hexagunner Quasinaught
35 Hell Hound Variant Hexblade Restorer
36 Hevier Hybrid Elite Warrior Tome Samurai
37 Kopikos Jester Shape Eater
38 Magnes Jumper Sniper Wizard
39 Mandragora Ki Master Tome Soldier
40 Mewling Tome Knight Leziad Sorcerer
41 Osteon Knowledge Mage Tome Sorcerer
42 Penguinus Marshal Soulborn
43 Prinny Meat Shield Speedened
44 Quillchild Medium Spellslinger
45 Red Fox Monk of the Forgotten Fist Star
46 Robot Girl Mystic Blade State Alchemist
47 Sheikel Mystic Cenobite Strategist
48 Viverrae Necrocarnal Summoner
49 Vulpe Nomad Surger
50 Yearling Nonlinear Fighter Swashbuckler
51 Balareion Ochremancer STDoc Swashbuckler
52 Raptor Paladin of the Sublime Way Tome Tenken
53 Lesser Medusa Proteus Terror of the Sand
54 Lesser Hound Archon Puppeteer Totemist
55 Shadow Rogue True Fiend
56 Shaman Homebrew Warlock
57 Sharpshooter Variant Warlock
58 Shinigami Weeper
59 Sith/Jedi White Mage
60 Slayer Witch
61 Songblade Worldseer
62 Sonic Warrior Bookish Wizard
63 Variant Soul Reaper World Dominator
64 Spiritualist Sylvan Occultist
65 Student of Kung Fu Alchemist
66 Superhero Master of Everything
67 Telepath Tech Operative
68 Thief Acrobat
69 Threat
70 Time Bender
71 Time Walker
72 Toxinblade
73 Witch Doctor
74 Word Warrior
75 Word Wizard
76 Wordmaster
77 Variant Alchemist

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