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Miniature ListEdit

This section requires expansion.

# Name Alignment Rarity Size Type Description Image
1 Aboleth Slime Mage
2 Arbalester
3 Aspect of Vecna
4 Banshrae Warrior
5 Beholder Eye Tyrant
6 Berbalang
7 Bladerager Troll
8 Blood Scarab
9 Bloodseeker Drake
10 Bonechill Chimera
11 Chain Devil
12 Clay Golem
13 Cyclops Crusher
14 Feygrove Choker
15 Foulspawn Grue
16 Frost Giant
17 Ghaele of Winter
18 Githyanki Warrior
19 Githzerai Zerth
20 Gnoll Hunt Master
21 Goblin Delver
22 Goblin Sharpshooter
23 Grimlock Minion
24 Harpy
25 Hellstinger Scorpion
26 Hippogriff
27 Kobold Wyrmpriest
28 Kruthik Young
29 Medusa Archer
30 Minotaur Battle Shaman
31 Orc Eye of Gruumsh
32 Orc Terrorblade
33 Rust Monster
34 Skalmad The Troll King
35 Snake Swarm
36 Unicorn
37 War Devil
38 Xen'drik Drow Stingblade
39 Young Gold Dragon
40 Yuan-ti Fangblade

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