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A Collection of Fantastic Weapons
System: System::d20
Author: {{#arraymap: Don Bessinger|, |x|Author::x}}
Publisher: [[Publisher::3am Games]]
Item Code: Item Code:: 
Release Date: Publication Date::2005
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: Page Count::176
ISBN-10: 1-59516-002-7
Product Blurb:
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This book provides listings of 50 magic weapons. Each weapon, one per page, has a description, an illustration and 3 levels of power. So the GM gets 150 offerings to add to his worlds treasures or to put in the hand of his NPCs. The power level describes one possible version of the weapon at low level, medium level and high level, along with associated powers and cost. The descriptions offers small legends as to where the weapon was made and why. The book also offers new weapon enchantments to both explain the powers of the new weapons and for the GM to incorporate in to weapons of his own design.

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