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Pho-Matris (3.5e Deity)

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Pho-Matris is one of four aspects of a greater goddess of the gokiburi named Photis. The fourfold goddess is seen as a massive gokiburi with four heads, four legs, sixteen arms, eight antenna, and adorned with halos of light behind their heads, joined in the middle where all of creation resides upon her back. While each Pho- deity can be worshiped on their own, they are one in the same part of the whole true neutral being.

Pho-Matris in particular is "the mother" aspect, and is seen as a fair middle aged gokiburi with a kindly face (though humanoids unaccustomed to gokiburi expressions will not often pick up on this). She is usually seen carrying an egg sac within one hand and grain within the other to symbolize her care for her children and harvest. Her halo color is gold and shines like the sun.


Pho-Matris is a passive goddess, usually invoked to bless times and ceremonies of communal and family matters. She is also a goddess of protection and joins the aspect of the father, defending her children from harm. While not a war goddess, self-defense is encouraged.

Clergy and Temples

While religion is very low-key in gokiburi societies Pho-Matris has one of the largest visible presences of temple, simple and built for comfort of its patrons. Likewise its clergy take a very relaxed poise to worship.


Pho-Matris is a part of the gokiburi pantheon.

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