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Oshi'Vamiea (3.5e Deity)

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Oshi'Vamiea, pronounced O-chee-Vahm-Ee-Ah, is prominent in the Western lands of Waleoa, where she is primarily worshipped in the sea-side city of Car'thi. Oshi'Vamiea primarily appears as a woman comprised of clear, pure water, burdened with a mermaid's tail. Devoted to the power of water, and the freedom that it demands, Oshi'Vamiea is a particular choice amongst rogues and those who find themselves burdened upon by others. Oshi'Vamiea is the patron of Merfolk, and the Gnolls who consider the Western Lake-ridden lands their home; She considers them her children, and as such much of her clergy are devoted members of these races.


The Clergy of Oshi'Vamiea never infringe upon the rights, or gifts of others. They stand up for others who can not stand up for themselves, but do not tolerate those who are lazy or simply lame of the mind. Neutrality amidst conflict, and reason and logic before emotion and the wishes of others. As well, Oshi'Vamiea wishes it's clergy to commit to charity, helping those who cannot help themselves.

Clergy and Temples

Oshi'Vamiea's Temples are constructed firmly near beaches, or within the tidal dwellings of the merfolk. Protected by those stalwart of heart, and strong of the mind, not to mention a common theme of rooms flooded with water, Oshi'Vamiea's temples are things of legendary challenges for Rogues she deems worthy.

Oshi'Vamiea's Clergy is filled primarily with Merfolk, Gnolls, and Rogues who value the freedom of mind, body, and spirit that her soothing oceans bring them. Particularly common are female Merfolk priestesses, and Gnoll Paladins, while many of it's most devoted are Rogues-turned-Cleric granted the blessings of their beloved Goddess.


Pantheon of Elements of Waleoa.

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