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O'kroe (3.5e Deity)

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O'kroe, pronounced Ohl-Kroh-Ie, is worshipped on the continent of Waleoa, widely as the Goddess of Law. Primarily appearing as a woman bound in a suit of gilded armor the color of the purest creme, ornamented with sharp curves and carrying a bastard sword at her side, and a tower shield upon her back when not in battle. The patron of Paladins, and Clerics, she is the primary provider of their abilities.


O'kroe's grasp of Law, and the tenants of Honor and Righteousness are firm. She demands of her followers to follow the codes of honor, righteousness, and respect the laws that are governed by one's betters. She does not abide by tyranny, but accepts that sometimes the law is the rule, not the exception.

Clergy and Temples

O'kroe considers Dwarves, and Drow her children, and, as such, they are more often than not integral pieces of her clergy. Otherwise, her temples are often filled with Paladins, and Clerics who abide strongly by the Law. Temples to O'kroe often are built as, or serve equally as well as, courthouses and other such buildings of laws.


The Pantheon of Waleoa

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