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Nik'task (3.5e Deity)

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Nik'task is worshipped throughout the world of Waleoa. A hermaphroditic god, Nik'task primarily appears as a shifting mass of letters, notes, and other shapes formed into a humanoid form.


Nik'task demands the spread of chaos, and war. If a situation can be resolved chaotically, or violently, a follower of Nik'task will take both options at the same time. The hermaphroditic god/dess also implores a love of the arts amidst hir following, as well as a somewhat perverse stigma against male celibacy.

Clergy and Temples

Nik'task's temples and clergy are composed of many different races, and are established in many different places. A more underground sect, it is unlikely to find any given grouping of members anywhere other than where they will not be found easily.


Pantheon of Gods of Waleoa

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