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Milyena (3.5e Deity)

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Known also as the Sorceress Queen, the Lover, Holder of the Covenant. Milyena governs two aspects; magic, and love. She appears most often as a woman of spectacular beauty, with dark flowing hair wrapping lightly around her pale skin. While she often acts like a young, petulant woman, she is actually very wise, knowledgeable in the way the world works. her mastery of magic attests to that. She holds in highest esteem those who follow their passion, honor their marriages, and aspire to the highest forms of the art magicka. She is also the holder of the Covenant, and it is she who couples make their vows to if they honor the Seven.


Those who worship Milyena are most often the wives and mothers of families. While the men turn to Illunian for guidance, Milyena embodies the strengths and gifts of womanhood.

Clergy and Temples

This pantheon of seven gods and goddesses is known at least to some extent all over the world. The gods are referred to as 'The Vaeryans', and they are credited with the creation of Vaerya. The seven are defenders of good, and are forever at war with Kaiten the Fallen and the dragon gods. Youngest of the seven, Milyena holds the place to the far left, next to Indariel. Temples to the Seven can be found all over the world, ranging from elaborate citadels of worship to tiny shrines in the remote places of the world.

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