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Mey'tra (3.5e Deity)

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Mey'tra, pronounced May-Trah, is worshipped mainly in the Eastern lands of Waleoa, most primarily in the areas surrounding and within the city of Mostahl. Mey'tra most commonly appears as an almost dryad in appearance humanoid, however gifted with the appearance of being covered in earthly scales. She nearly always appears to be bloated with pregnancy.


Mey'tra considers the farmer, the druid, the barbarian, the ranger, the animal her children. Treating them with maternal love, however with a "The Strong Survive" reaction. Those who can not stand on their own two feet do not recieve her boon. Mey'tra's clergy are required to be self-sufficient, or at least prove worthy of her attentions to recieve her blessing. The earth spins on past those who cannot, or will not, work for what they want or need.

Clergy and Temples

Mey'tra's temples are built out of, or rather by, dragons. Formed from old, vacated, or freshly dug lairs, Mey'tra's temples are varied greatly, from exquisite tunnels of artfully made design to simple, almost business-like straightways.

Mey'tra's clergy are composed mostly of Dragonkin, Goblinoids, and the classes of people who believe firmly in hard work, and prefer the outdoors to fake roads, and buildings.


Pantheon of Elements of Waleoa

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