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Mefathiel (3.5e Deity)

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The god of mischief is a impish little being, appearing to be the size of a child in bizarre, jester-like clothing and with a huge pair of fox ears, with blue hair and green skin. The 6 pointed 'skirt' around his waist transforms into his six hidden fox tails which are usually glamored as something else. Strange in looks and strange in dress, he is a little crazy at time. Eternally trying to solve his boredom he finds life to be a comedy and does whatever he can to help lighten things up. His exploits range from hilarious to almost malignantly devious, and there is much fun to be had from it.

Mefathiel is a god of the Nibiru Pantheon.


The world is a stage and life is short, make something interesting of it. Give into impulse, and give into humor. Bards and clever rogues are much appreciated.

Clergy and Temples

Mefathiel does not have any dedicated temples of his own, but instead is given credit in places of art, comedy, and trickery. Every time you do something amusing, Mefathiel is pleased.

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