Shaman of DromarEdit

Born and raised in the Heathen North, the fiery Shamans of Dromar bring death to their enemies and vigor to their allies.

Skata'Sem EmpathEdit

Hidden deep in the Banjudar, these druids venerate their god and use his holy power to defend their home. To the Legion however, the are just a bunch of unruly savages.

Null MageEdit

By fighting fire with fire, the Null Mage sucks the mana out of a foe and uses it to power even greater feats of negation.

Holy TemplarEdit

Driven with divine purpose of the Aspects, this holy warrior calls upon righteous fire to purge his enemies.

Aspect MageEdit

Perhaps the most elusive of all mages, the Aspect Mages devote their lives to purifying themselves body and soul.

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