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General Geography

The realm of Conrath is located on the southern half of the Mechian Peninsula sharing its northern boarder with Brellach. It is a heavily forested and rainy area due to the large bodies of water on either side of it. A long mountain range cuts diagonally across the kingdom though large portions of it have smoothed out into hills and plateaus. The north west side of Conrath is generally warm in sharp contrast to is south east side, this is due to the frigid currents brought from the north by the Salt Calms.

Major Geographic Sites

The Bloodands are a place of great pain and suffering to the people of Conrath for it is the place where the civil rages hardest. Many abandoned and destroyed towns fill this area as their inhabitants are either driven off or killed. Almost as numerous are the watchtowers set up by the Conrathian conscripts to ensure that no Brellach contingent makes it further south.

Witching Wood

Darshale Highlands

Clearwater Forest

Shattered Coast

Mourning Coast

Shelia's Tail

Important Cities

Culture and Government

Important Organizations

Dominant Cultural Practices

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