This is a collection of items crafted specifically for a Sigil campaign. All "regular" equipment can be found under the 3.5e SRD.



Alchemical Substances

Potion of Mana: Potions of mana are the bread and butter of any wizard. They act as the major source of mana replenishment in emergencies and also help a wizard cast more powerful spells. Potions generally come in four levels of potency: Minor, Lesser, Moderate, and Greater. They increase ones mana as follows: Minor +2, Lesser +5, Moderate +10, Greater +15. These potions are a great boon to Wizards(only arcane magic is fueled by these potions) but can be dangerous if used too much. One can consume one potion per point of con bonus safely(minimum of one) but any more and the imbiber risks mana burn(if a constitution depresses below the number of potions the wizard has imbibed check for mana burn). Past the safe threshold of their con bonus, a wizard must make a Fortitude save equal to 10+mana gained from a potion+2 for every potion drank past the con mod, failure means that the wizard takes damage equal to the amount of mana gained.

Adventuring Gear

Magical Devices

Pendant of the Apprentice: Regenerates one mana per hour, one mana must be spent every 24 hours to maintain this effect. The pendant does not occupy a magic slot.

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