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Lunarcrafted Edit

A lunarcrafted weapon or armor are usually made of fine silver. half-lunars or lunar smiths take months sometime years to weave the fine silver in a lunarcrafted weapon or armor. Thy then ornate it with various moon-like symbol and let the metal rest in a pool of water under the full-moon for a night. The result is a beautiful silver weapon with a moonlight gleam.

A lunarcrafted weapon automatically overcome damage resistance of undead and lycanthrope. It is also guided by it wielder strength of personality, effectively any wielder of a lunarcrafted weapon can use their charisma score instead of their Strength score or Dexterity score on attack whichever is higher. Any non-lunar (or half-lunar) who use this weapon take a -2 penalty on their charisma for the purpose of using it instead of other attributes while wielding this weapon.

A lunarcrafted armor grant a AC Bonus against attack made by undead or lycanthrope. A light lunarcrafted armor grant a +1 bonus, a medium lunarcrafted armor grant a +2 bonus and a heavy armor grant a +3 bonus.

Lunarcrafted raw material is silver, thus it is as hard as silver.

Type of Mithral Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +1,000 gp
Medium armor +4,000 gp
Heavy armor +9,000 gp
Shield +1,000 gp
Other items +500 gp/lb.

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