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Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 28 December, 2008
Status: Completed.
Editing: Spelling and Grammar only, please.
Balance: Rogue

Lunar Aura [{{#arraymap: Heritage|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Your skin glow with your ancestor power, the light seem to have a strange effect upon others. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, at least 2 Lunar Heritage feat.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: You produce light as the Light spell. Every creatures within 10 feet (+5 per lunar heritage feat, including this one) of you must make a will save (DC10 + 1/2HD + Cha modifier) or take a -2 penalty to will saves and Wisdom-based skill check against you. Both abilities can be resumed and suppressed as a free action but both must be activated or deactivated at the same time.

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