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Table: Lunars Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate
2nd +2 on Disguise checks
4th +2 on Disguise checks Bonus Feat
6th Charisma +1
8th Bonus Feat Disguise Self 1/day
10th Lunars Affinity +2
12th Charisma +1 Darkvision +30 ft.
14th +2 on Bluff checks
16th Disguise Self 1/day Minor Shapechange
18th Charisma +1
20th Lunars Affinity +2 Ageless

Lunars Affinity: You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with Lunars and Half-Lunars.
Minor Shapechange: Gains the Minor Shapechange ability common to all Lunars.
Ageless: Gains the Ageless ability common to all Lunars.

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