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Kinda Edit

  • Size: Medium
  • Shape: A rocky misshaped sphere.
  • Location: Between the inner and the outer ring, directly in the Astral Mist.
  • Climate: Special
  • Terrain: Mountain
  • Other Features: Eternal Mist cover the entire shard, the shard is shielded by a mystical energy shield.
  • Race:
99% Kindaro
1% Others
  • Civilization Traits
  • Owner: Kindaro (the council of elders)
  • Dominant Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Civilization State: Mystical (Magocratic but more spiritual) Monarchy
  • Religious Beliefs: Highly Spiritual, Union and Ancestor Worship
  • Other Civilization Traits: Allied with the Empire, neutral to the confederate.
  • History and Background: The shard of Kinda is probably the only one who ever resisted the Empire military might. It is the homeland of the Kindaro, a highly spiritual civilization. They see magic as a spiritual and mystical gift. Their sacred view of magic stopped them from creating void ship or magic-powered technology. But they were incredible spellcaster. They in fact create a gigantic shield of energy all over the shard protecting them from the empire. An eternal blueish mist cover the shard and all vegetation have an azure colour. Some say strange beast lurk in the mist waiting their prey. All settlements are shielded from the terrible beast.

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You see, the ships were used in our grand grand grand ancestors time to cross the ocean, but now there is no more ocean so we cross the void between the shards with it.
—Mienor the Ex-pirate, explaining the void ship basic to children
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