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Lacarda (3.5e Deity)

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A Holy Symbol of Lacarda


Lacarda looks like a mix of a human and a dryad, hair that looks as much as hair as it does as leaves, and a form that is both encrusted in bark as it is in normal clothes. The clothes that she wears are peculiar, light on one side and dark on the other. She carries with her a large bow that strikes very true.


Lacarda is reasonably indifferent to what a person does. If it breathes, it lives, and if it lives, it has Lacarda's love. She is a spirit of nature and freedom, and inspires many to follow that path. All she tends to ask is a respect for things borne of nature, and the goddess also respects tricks and fun, as well as feast and pleasure. Lacarda is therefore easily the most popular deity in the Realm of the Second Breath; many barbarians, bards, druids, rangers, rogues and sorcerers swear by Lacarda's love. Almost all small settlements on the Realm that prefer happy tidings over war fullheartedly pray to her.

Clergy and Temples

Lacarda has very few temples. Most places in her honor are located in places rich with nature. Large hollow trees, a shrine at the base of an oak, a well in a village; these are proper examples of what could be a holy place to revere Lacarda.

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