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Kukulkan (3.5e Deity)

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* Spell Compendium

Kukulkan is unique in that he is a god which does not yet exist. Long have stories been told of the birth of a white brachyura who will lead their people against the land and reclaim what is rightfully there, bringing in a new golden age for their people, a god on the earth. While nothing of the sort has occurred the belief in this figured has pooled into a non-sentient but very real divine presence with domains all its own.


It is fated that the land shall be reclaimed. While other gods may do so though war, schemes, patience, or wild desire, Kukulkan is not distracted from the ultimate goal. The means matter not. Out of all of the brachyuran gods, those dedicated to Kukulkan are the most dangerous, for they actively seek destruction, and in ways unpredictable.

Clergy and Temples

Clergy of Kukulkan are common mixed in with temples dedicated to other brachyuran gods. Thus it's less that Kukulkan has his own clergy and temples, rather than those pre-existing become host to his word.


Kukulkan is part of the brachyura pantheon.

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