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Kopi Homunculus (3.5e Monster)

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Kopi Homunculus

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A metal chimp is hunched over a book, scribbling vigorously with the pen attached on the end of his tail. Like magic words appear on page after page.

Kopi Homunculi are creatures created by the spell Ell's Handy Homunculus. They are cheap and effective scribes, using the power of the Amanuensis spell (from the Spell Compendium) to rapidly record data.

While generally constructs are neutral, a homunculi picks up the alignment of its creator on casting.


Handy homunculi make poor weapons. If pressed into battle a kopi is likely to swing around and play keep away until the enemy got bored of it and its howling.

Copy (Sp)

The kopi homunculi is able to employ Amenuensis at will.


The body is made of ink, glass, and metal, with the core crystal often embedded in the forehead. A drop of the caster's blood is mixed in with the ink which is bored into the glass and metal framework, which gives it lifeblood of a sorts on casting Ell's Handy Homunculus. The entire cost of supplies equals 500 gp.

Assembling the body requires a DC 15 Craft (writing/painting/etc.) or Craft (metalwork) check.

CL 1st; Ell's Handy Homunculus, Amanneunsis; Never sold; Cost 500 gp + 25 XP.

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