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Balance: Wizard

Kind Fate {{#set:Type=General}} [[Summary::Your Lucky One Luck Bonus can be turned upon your allies so they succeed admirably, making your own character look even more useless.]] Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Luck Bonus +1|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Whenever another character within medium range (100 feet +10 feet/Lucky One level) rolls a die, you may choose to rotate the die so the number showing on it is a higher number. This changes what "natural" value has been rolled, allowing you to avoid natural 1's by changing them to natural 2's or get a natural 20 when the target rolls a natural 17, and so on. This expends uses of Luck Bonus proportionately.Normal: You can only use Luck Bonus to improve the Lucky One's own die rolls.

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