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Acrobatics (Dex)

  • Balance
  • Tumble

synergy: 5 ranks adds +2 to Athletics

Athletics (STR)

  • Climb
  • Jump

synergy: 5 ranks adds +2 to Acrobatics

Appraise (INT)

Concentration (CON)

Craft (INT)

  • Appraise (craft)

Decipher Script (INT)

Disable Device

  • Disable Device (INT)
  • Open Lock (DEX)

Disguise (CHR)

Escape Artist (DEX)

Forgery (Int)

Gather Information (CHR)

Handle Animal (CHR)

Heal (WIS)


Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering (INT)

Knowledge: Dungeoneering (INT)

Knowledge: Geography and History (INT)

Knowledge: Local (INT)

Knowledge: Nature (INT)

Knowledge: Occult

  • Arcana (INT)
  • Religion (INT)
  • Planes (INT)


  • Listen (WIS)
  • Search (Int)
  • Spot (WIS)

Perform (CHR)

Profession (WIS)

Profession: merchant

  • Appraise: general (Int)
  • Haggle (Chr)

Profession: craftsman

  • Craft: (trade) (Int)
  • Appraise: (trade) (Int)

Profession: sailor

  • Sailing (Wis)
  • Use Rope (Dex)

Ride (DEX)

Sense Motive (WIS)

Sleight Of Hand (DEX)

Speak Language

Spellcraft (Int)


  • Hide (DEX)
  • Move Silently (DEX)

Survival (WIS)

Swim (STR)

Use Magic Device (CHR)

Use Rope (DEX)

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