Born in 1964 in Newton, Kansas. Noted author and game designer, Jon Hershberger is responsible for converting Dungeon Crawl Classics from 3.5 rules to AD&D rules. In addition to writing for the DCC line, he has also written for Troll Lord Games.

Published WorksEdit

Rumored ProjectsEdit

It is rumored that Hershberger is penning Saga of the Rat King, linking Idylls of the Rat King and Revenge of the Rat King into a single 1E adventure path that will be released at Gen Con 2008. This rumor has since been confirmed with the release of Revenge of the Rat King at Gen Con 2008.


  1. Iron Crypt of the Heretics (1E version) was a Gen Con 2006 special release.
  2. Saga of the Witch Queen (1E version) was a Gen Con 2007 special release.
  3. Saga of the Rat King (1E version) was a Gen Con 2008 special release.
  4. The Tower of the Black Pearl/The Golden Auroch flip-book was a Gen Con 2008 special release.

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