Winged Raptors have certain adjustments made to some Classes, which more align with their in-the-wild lifestyle, while others simply do not exist for them because they have no knowledge of those classes, which means that they cannot start in those classes. However, this does not mean they cannot take on those classes at a later point in time.

Sorna ShamanEdit

(Cleric): The only class that allows Raptors to be Good or Evil. The domains tend to focus more on the natural world, though they can choose any domain they wish. They use their powers to create favorable hunting conditions, and are ofte pack leaders. Raptors who become Sorna Shamans gain +2 Wis.

Sorna ForesterEdit

(Druid): Raptors who choose this path choose to watch over the island and its ecosystem as a whole, rather than working only for the pack. For some reason, individuals of smaller species of dinosaurs follow them around, and obey commands. Sorna Foresters gain +2 Wis

Sorna HunterEdit

(Fighter): Hunters make up most of the pack. They are very good at coordinating attacks, and work well both in a hunting party, and alone. Sorna Hunters gain +2 Con

Sorna MysticEdit

(Psion): Mystics are Raptors that have through some strange genetic dice roll (no pun or dice rolls intended) have developed powerful mental abilities. They are often loners, though they are welcome to join any pack they choose. They use their abilities in hunting, confusing, harassing, and attacking prey. Sorna Mystics gain +2 Int.

Sorna TrackerEdit

(Ranger): Trackers are raptors who have become exceptionally good at reading trails, and locating prey. Like Foresters, individuals of smaller species will follow them around and obey commands. Individual Trackers seem to be more vicious towards certain types of prey as well. Sorna Trackers gain +2 Int.

Sorna ScoutEdit

(Rogue): Scouts are usually the runts of the pack. They put this to good use to sneak around their island home almost completely undetected. They often help in hunts by finding sneaky approaches, and by leading ambushes. Sorna Scouts gain +2 Dex

Animal CompanionsEdit

Trackers and foresters have companions from among the other dinosaur species. This list is divided up by level.

4th Level or Higher (Level –3)Edit





7th Level or Higher (Level –6)Edit





10th Level or Higher (Level –9)Edit





13th Level or Higher (Level –12)Edit





16th Level or Higher (Level –15)Edit




Tyrannosaurus Rex

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