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Illewe (3.5e Deity)

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Also known as the Crone, the Lady Time, and the Keeper of Secrets, Illewe is the least understood of the Vaeryans. She was once young, and free, but she looked forward in time, and was sucked into the pain and suffering of all that would ever come to the good people that would live in Vaerya. Now she is a shriveled crone, seemingly unfit for leading the forces of good. Her power is not to be discounted though, for all her appearance. She knows all that has happened, and almost everything that will ever come to pass. this foreknowledge makes her a tremendously powerful being.


When the future is unknown, or when waiting or hoping for good news, believers will always whisper a prayer to Illewe. On the eve of each new year, a day is taken in her honor wherein individuals take time to contemplate themselves and their actions over the past year.

Clergy and Temples

This pantheon of seven gods and goddesses is known at least to some extent all over the world. The gods are referred to as 'The Vaeryans', and they are credited with the creation of Vaerya. The seven are defenders of good, and are forever at war with Kaiten the Fallen and the dragon gods. Second in command of the Vaeryans, Illewe holds the place below the other six gods in traditional representation. Temples to the Seven can be found all over the world, ranging from elaborate citadels of worship to tiny shrines in the remote places of the world.

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