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Date Created: 7/18/2010
Status: Complete
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Balance: Rogue

{{#set:Summary=Attack immobilizes creature and takes away its damage reduction, reduces armor/natural armor AC }} {{#set:Discipline=Eternal Glacier|Type=Strike}}

Icy Burial
Eternal Glacier (Strike)
Level: Level::6
Prerequisite: Three Eternal Glacier maneuvers
Initiation Action: Standard
Range: Melee attack
Target: One Creature
Duration: One round
Saving Throw: Fortitude Partial

You strike with the cold fury of a glacial blizzard, burying your enemy under your blows

As part of this maneuver, make a melee attack. If it hits, in addition to dealing damage, the target loses any damage reduction it has for one round and must make a fortitude save (DC 16 + your Constitution modifier) or be immobilized (all speeds reduced to 0 and unable to take 5' steps) for one round and have its armor and natural armor bonuses to AC reduced by a total of 6, to a minimum of zero each (initiator's choice how this is distributed, subject to the limits of what the bonuses actually are)

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